Akira MacHeath

General Info

Species: Dire Wolf (Canis Dirus)

Gender: Female


Edme- Daughter


Fur: Unknown

Eyes: Green


Clan: MacHeath Clan

Pack: Unknown; possibly West Pack.

Heaven: Cave of Souls


None, but mentioned in Watch Wolf.

Current and Previous Status

Current: Deceased; in the Cave of Souls; Star Wolf

Past: MacHeath she-wolf


Killed by Dunbar



Akira MacHeath was a female Dire wolf (Canis Dirus), notable for being the mother of Edme. She was killed by Dunbar MacHeath when trying to escape for the MacNamara clan when Edme was just a pup. She was also the wolf who gave Dunbar the hideous scar on his face, which Akira had made trying to rip out his eye, to avenge Edme.


  • Nothing is really known about what Akira looked like, except that she may have had tawny or russet fur like Edme. But like almost every wolf known in the Beyond, she probably had green eyes and a black or brown nose.


Edme- Birth Daughter

Faolan- Son-in-law

Myrrglosch- Adoptive grandson

Maudie- Adoptive granddaughter

Morag - Sister-in-law

Kinnaird - Brother-in-law

Brecco - Half-son-in-law


Before the Books

Akira gave birth to Edme. Upon Edme's birth, Dunbar MacHeath tore out her eye, wanting a wolf to represent them in the Watch, and Akira struck back. She tried to go for his eye as well as he had for her daughter's eye. She failed, and this only resulted with Dunbar's scar running from his eye to his neck.

Akira was also planning to leave the abuse she suffered in the MacHeath clan and leave for the MacNamara clan, but a slink melf, sent by Dunbar, was able to catch up and kill her.

Watch Wolf

After Airmead calls Edme over, she explains that she believes she's one of the last members of the Hordweard Society. Edme asks if there were other members before her, and Airmead repiles "One". Edme asks who. Airmead replies "Your mother, Edme." and Edme feels a dizzing nausea swirl up within her and closes her eyes. Airmead tells her that Akira gave Dunbar the scar running down his face to his neck, try
Red wolf pup

Edme, Akira's daughter.

ing to go for his eye as he went for Edme's.


Akira was killed after trying to flee to the MacNamaras. A byrrgis was sent to track her down and caught up to her. Sadly, she never made it to the MacNamara clan, but she was a very brave she-wolf.


Akira was a very brave she-wolf because she had the courage to leave her abuse and suffer and escape. She was also very protective of her pups, trying to tear out her chieftain's eye as he had done to her pup, Edme.


  • Akira is a Japanese name meaning "bright", "intelligent" or "clear". It is usually used as a male's name, but can be used for a female.