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Angus MacAngus was the chieftain of the MacAngus clan. He was the first to spot Faolan's splayed pawprint and believed he had the foaming-mouth disease.


It is unknown what Angus MacAngus' pelt color is, although he very likely has green eyes. He is thought to be an older wolf.


None known.


Lone Wolf

After the skreeleen of the Pack of the Western Scree finishes telling the story of Fengo falling from the Star Ladder and living again, Angus MacAngus comes to the pack in concern for the story. He is the first to notice the scent of both bear and wolf. He then notices the splayed paw print of Faolan's paw, and mistakes him for a wolf with Foaming-Mouth Disease. He alerts the other packs and clans and later chases Faolan into the Wall of Fire. Angus is suprised as every other wolf was at the sight of Faolan jumping the wall.

Frost Wolf

Although he does not make a physical appearence in Frost Wolf, he was rumored to have become a Skaars Dancer and to have died.


  • MacAngus was rumored to have become a Skaars dancer, and eventually died.
  • If this is false, then he is very likely to have died during/after the earthquake.
  • Angus is Irish for 'exceptional'