Spotted owl (Strix occidentalis) on Humboldt Redwoods State Park Johnson Camp Trail
Arthur is a Spotted owl.

General Info

Species: Spotted Owl

Gender: Male


None Known


Feathers: Fluffy, brown, grey, white spots

Eyes: Dark brown


Watch Wolf

Current and Previous Status

Current: Deceased, resides in Glaumora

"The important thing is not be an ass."
Edme telling Arthur that he is going to fly cover for her and Faolan in Watch Wolf

Arthur was a male Spotted Owl who appeared in Watch Wolf. He helped Faolan and Edme rescue the cubnapped bear cub Toby, and stopped a war between the watch wolves and the grizzly bears. He was killed by Old Cags, and he currently resides in Glaumora, the owl heaven.

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Arthur was a Spotted Owl who had a round head and dark brown eyes. The brown plumage was heavily spotted with white on the breast and belly, with less spots on the wings, back, and head. The pale brown facial disk was concentrically ringed with dark brown. The eyebrows, lores, and bill were greyish. Its plumage was soft and fluffy, which could make the head appear oversized. He also has a twisted wing-tip.

When he was killed by Old Cags, one of his wings was ripped off.


None known


Watch Wolf

In Watch Wolf, Arthur first appears circling the volcano of Stormfast, while Faolan is on his shift. Faolan, thinking Arthur is a graymalkin, a bad owl trying to steal the Ember for evil ways, jumps up and grabs him. Edme is watching and comes up to Faolan. The Spotted Owl pleads not to put the graymalkin alarm, and Faolan asks what his excuse is for flying around the volcano. Arthur tells Faolan that he did it on a dare. Arthur also says that he came with an important message about the cubnapping. He says that he and a Brown Fish Owl, Skylar, were flying, enjoying the peace, when they saw four wolves run off with a bear cub. Skylar attacked, but Arthur was too afraid to help him with the attack. He tells them where the cub is and Edme and Faolan tell the Fengo, Finbar and they go off to retrieve Toby.

Later, the trio go to the Pit. Edme does scanning leaps and Arthur dive bombs to distract Old Cags while Faolan rescues Toby. But Toby yells, "Edme!", and Old Cags starts to take charge. Cags is dying and wants a partner in death. Faolan accidentally yells, "Arthur!" and Old Cags grabs and bites the owl, tearing off his wing. Faolan and Edme watch in horror as their new friend is killed.


Old Cags

Old Cags killed Arthur.

Arthur was killed by Old Cags. He was given the foaming-mouth disease and his wing was torn off. He also died of blood loss. Faolan and Edme both believe he made it to Glaumora, what owls call the Cave of Souls, safely and swiftly, even with one wing.


Arthur was once very cowardly and scared, he thought nobody "liked" him because of his bent wing-tip, so he tried to find the Ember of Hoole on a dare. He soon was a brave spotted owl and acquired a sense of dignity and loyalty as he saved Edme from the foaming-mouth disease, but was killed in the process.