Brangwen MacNamara
Brangwen is red male dire wolf.

General Info

Species: Dire Wolf

Gender: Male


Morag- Mate

Brecco- Son


Fur: Red

Eyes: Green


Clans: MacDonegal Clan, MacNamara Clan

Packs: MacDonegal Clan, Pack of the Dancing Giants; MacNamara Clan


Shadow Wolf, Watch Wolf

Current and Previous Status

Current: MacNamara Clan member

Past: MacDonegal Clan member





"I am Brangwen, out of the MacDonegal Clan."

- Brangwen introducing himself to Airmead and Katria in Watch Wolf.

Brangwen MacDonegal/MacNamara was a handsome red male Dire Wolf and the second mate, after Kinnaird, to Morag. He first lived in the MacDonegal Clan, but moved in Watch Wolf, to the MacNamara clan. He is currently at the Blood Watch, as stated in Frost Wolf.

His fate is unknown in Spirit Wolf, but inferred by the readers.


Brangwen is reddish-tawny male dire wolf with green eyes like almost every other wolf in a the Beyond with black or brown nose. He is sometimes called "handsome" and was once described as the color of cooling flames.


Morag- Mate

Brangwen has a reddish-tawny pelt

Brecco- Birth Son

Unnamed Pup- Brecco's Sibling

Unnamed Pup- Brecco's Sibling

Faolan- Step Son

Daraigh- Sister

Mhairie- Step Daughter

Dearlea- Step Daughter


Lone Wolf

Brangwen appears in the chapter "A Dim Memory", when Morag sets out to find a new den and comes across the dead body of Thunderheart. His name is not known at the time.

Shadow Wolf

In Shadow Wolf, Brangwen appears in the chapter "The Haze of Morag". When their son Brecco brings a bleeding hare into the den; which is against the rules, and runs off, Brangwen is about to get him when Morag says she will, she comes back with him and the parents give him a cuff on the ear.

Brecco, Brangwen's son.

Morag begins to talk to him, about Faolan and his birth. He begins to lick her face, tasting her oily tears. Morag says she would have told him, but the forgetting had worked. Brangwen replies until she found the scent of her son, as she could not finish her sentence. He calls Faolan "her son", rather than an "it" or a "malcadh". He also goes with Morag to the Sark of the Slough, and agrees to let Daraigh, Brangwen's sister, watch their three pups.

Watch Wolf

Brangwen makes his most important appearance of the series in the third book, Watch Wolf.

When two female wolves from the MacHeath clan named Airmead and Katria are heading toward the MacNamara clan, they meet Brangwen and his blind mate, Morag. Brangwen is very kind to the she-wolves, mainly talking to Katria, but making sure to include Airmead.

Also in the end of the novel, Brangwen waits in front of his and Morag's den for Faolan, who is being taken to see his first Milk Giver.

Red wolf (Canis rufus)

Frost Wolf

When Faolan, Dearlea, and Mhairie reach MacNamara territory, Faolan leads them to Morag's drumlyn. Mhairie states that it was too bad they didn't get to meet Brangwen, since he had left for the Blood Watch a few days earlier.


Brangwen is a very kind wolf, especially to she-wolves. He is a loyal wolf to his mate, Morag.


  • "Brangwen" is Welsh for "dark and pure"