Brecco MacDonegal
Brecco was a frisky male red Dire pup.

General Info

Species: Dire Wolf (Canis Dirus)

Gender: Male


Morag - Birth Mother

Brangwen - Birth Father

Darigah - Aunt

Two unnamed pups - Brothers

Unnamed pups - Half siblings

Faolan- Half Brother

Mhairie - Half Sister

Dearlea- Half Sister

Kinnaird- Step Father


Fur: Red

Eyes: Green


Clan: MacDonegal Clan

Pack: Pack of the Dancing Giants


Lone Wolf, Shadow Wolf

Current and Previous Status

Current: Unknown; possibly deceased

Past: Living, MacDonegal Wolf


Unknown, possibly killed in the Earthquake



Brecco MacDonegal was a frisky red pup, born of Morag and Brangwen. He was the middle pup of Brangwen and Morag's litter in the Pack of Dancing Giants in the MacDonegal Clan.


Brecco's has a red pelt like his father, as Faolan is Morag's only

Brangwen, Brecco's father.

silver pup. He also may have had green eyes. It is also mentioned that Brecco is a good hunter, and may have had powerful legs like his mum.


Morag- Birth Mother

Brangwen- Birth Father

Kinnaird- Step-father

Unnamed pup- Sibling

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Morag, Brecco's mother

Unnamed pup- Sibling

Darigah- Aunt

Faolan- Half-brother

Mhairie- Half-sister

Dearlea- Half-sister


Shadow Wolf


Brecco MacDonegal.

After bringing a bleeding hare into his parent's den in the Pack of Dancing Giants, Brecco runs off, only to have his parents chase after him. Brangwen, his father, wanted to chase him himself and give a cuff on the ears, but Morag refused and went out herself. Morag bumps into one of the stones that give the pack its name, and Brecco looks back. He approaches his mum, his ears laid back and tail tucked. Morag cuffs him, and goes back to the den.

After his parents talk about Faolan, the silver pup, and her becoming blind, they decide to visit the Sark of the Slough. They decide to leave Brecco and his two siblings in the care of their auntie Daraigh while gone.

Brecco does not make a further appearance after Shadow Wolf.