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The Broken Talon Point.

Broken Talon Point was a peninsula in the Beyond. It is very often a part of the escape route for she-wolves running from the MacHeath clan to the MacNamara clan. It is called Broken Talon Point because it looks like an owl's broken talon.


Broken Talon Point was a peninsula off of MacNamara territory. It is surrounded by the Sea of Hoolemere. Katria and Airmead crossed the sea to get to the MacNamara clan and landed on Broken Talon Point.


It is a peninsula, looking much like the American state of Florida. Broken Talon Point was cold an
Broken talon point

Broken Talon Point Is A Peninsula.

d covered with snow, and ends with cliffs on most sides. It was crushed by the H'rathghar Glacier; now it is only  little pieces of scattered land.