Bronka is a female grizzly bear.

General Info

Species: Grizzly Bear

Gender: Female


Toby- Son

Burney- Son

Grizz- Grandfather


Fur: Brown with silvery tips

Eyes: Cocoa brown




Watch Wolf, Spirit Wolf

Current and Previous Status

Current: Resides in Ursulana

Past: Lives in the Beyond





"Great Glaux!"
— Gwynneth when she finds Bronka dying in Spirit Wolf page 164

Bronka was a female grizzly bear, and the mother of Toby and Burney. She was also the granddaughter of Grizz, the "Bear of Bears".  She survived the devastating Spirit Wolf earthquake, but not for long.

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Bronka was a female grizzly bear, and like all of her species, had brown fur and deep cocoa eyes.


Toby- Birth Son

Burney- Birth Son

Grizz- Grandfather

Bronka, and her two cubs Toby and Burney.


Watch Wolf

Bronka first appears, watched by Faolan and Edme while she, her cubs, Toby and Burney, and a Watch byrrgis share a kill. The Watch wolves later leave, and Bronka goes to sleep, leaving her two sons to play in the river.

She later is awakened by Burney, and he reports that he can't find Toby (Who was kidnapped by MacHeaths while his brother and mother were asleep). She begins to panic, and eventually gets enraged, her furious calls heard by another she-grizzly, who presses her daughter close to her, through Bronka's cries hearing that a cub has been snatched.

She appears again, near the end, with the other furious grizzlies preparing to fight the wolves.  Faolan and Edme arrive in time before the war with Toby, saving the day and becoming heroes. Toby is then reunited with Burney and Bronka, as well as Bronka's grandfather, Grizz.

Spirit Wolf

Bronka is seen in Spirit Wolf when she is dying from various wounds, when Gwynneth finds her. Her ankle was broken and pieces of her flesh were torn from her by outclanners whilst she was still alive. Gwynneth whispers that Toby and Burney were safe, and that they would look after them. Bronka then dies, and Faolan, The Whistler, Mhairie and Dearlea find her body with Gwynneth. In order for the cubs to believe that they truly found her dead, they all do a scent roll. The cubs are distraught and refuse to believe it at first. As Gwynneth's feathers are scented with the oils of Bronka's fur, she plucks two covert feathers from her back and gives one each to Toby and Burney so that their mother's scent could be with them always.

Later, Faolan and the rest of the group are traveling across the Crystal Plain, Bronka's lochin appears, along with many other deceased characters, such as Morag, Thunderheart, Winks and several others. Burney and Toby try to touch their mother Bronka's lochin.