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Toby and Burney.

"They found her! They found her!"

-Burney regarding his mother, Bronka ; page 167, Spirit Wolf.

Burney is a grizzly bear cub and one of the current settlers living in the Distant Blue and a survivor of the earthquake. Toby and him may be the only grizzly bears to survive the earthquake.

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Burney is a grizzly bear cub with brown fur, and cocoa brown eyes, as most grizzlies do.

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Bronka- Birth Mother (deceased)

Toby- Birth Brother

Grizz- Great-Grandfather (most likely deceased)


Watch Wolf

After Faolan and Edme watch a byrrgis of Watch wolves and a mother grizzly share a kill, Faolan goes to sleep. He wakes up to find Edme playing "Hidey Bone" with the two cubs, Toby and Burney . Faolan shoos her away, as the mother, Bronka , would kill them if she woke up.

Later, Burney is sleeping with his mother, while Toby continues to play by himself outside their summer den. The MacHeath wolves come and kidnap the mischievous Toby. Burney wakes up, and senses something wrong. He finds that his brother is gone, and wakes up Bronka , which gets her in a rage.

Near the end of the book, Burney is seen with Bronka with the other grizzlies preparing to fight the wolves. Faolan and Edme arrive before any blood could be shed, with Toby with them. He is then reunited with Burney , Bronka and their great-grandfather, Grizz.

Spirit Wolf

After Myrrglosch wanders away from the group, he finds Toby and Burney . Edme comes, exclaiming that she and the others were worried.

Later, they don't believe that Bronka could have died. The wolves search out for her, and find her, however, dead. Burney and his brother are deeply affected and upset, telling the others that "They can't be their mums." Gwynneth, who smelled like Bronka because she had flapped her wings over her, plucks her feathers, and gives them to the two cubs.

Star Wolf:

Burney​ is amongst those traveling to the Distant Blue, along with his brother, Toby.


  • Burney and Toby are very likely the last grizzlies in the beyond, as no other survivors were found.
  • Burney and Toby are like opposites. Burney is quiet while Toby is very talkative.
  • Burney's name derives from an old Irish word for bear or brown.