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Cag Mag is a term the wolves of the Beyond use in their language meaning crazy. It is a commonly used word and has been mentioned and/or used in almost all the books.


Cag Mag is a word that the wolves of The Beyond have in their wolf language, 'Old Wolf.' It means "tainted meat." Since tainted meat is said to make one who eats it go crazy, the expression also means "going insane" and "going crazy". Wolves that are doing or saying crazy things are often called this word.


Unknown, but this term is in every book so far.


Shadow Wolf

As an example, in Shadow Wolf, Mhairie asks Faolan if he's crazy after ruining the byrrgis. She says, "Are you blazed? Moonblinked? Have your brains gone cag mag?"

Watch Wolf

In Watch Wolf, Blyden, a MacHeath wolf, says "Weather's gone a bit cag mag, I'd say."

Old Cags, the foaming-mouth diseased wolf, is named for being cag mag with the foaming mouth disease.

In Old Wolf Language

In Old Wolf language, cag mag means "tainted meat," for if a wolf was to eat tainted meat, it is believed that they would go crazy after that. Thus, cag mag also means to be crazy or unable to think, sort of what owls call 'moonblinked,' or shattered. Cag mag is a way to describe a wolf with the foaming-mouth disease,or rabies, as we call it. Also Old Cags was named after the phrase cag mag. Mhairie said cag mag often in Shadow Wolf, saying that Faolan was cag mag. The word cag maglosc is the old wolf way of saying cag mag.


  • Cag mag derives from the irish words "Cág", meaning crow or jackdaw and "Mag" meaning paw.
  • While cag maglosc derives from the same words, with "losc" being an old Irish word meaning lame.
  • Cag mag is defined in Merriam-Webster as one word, 'cagmag,' which means "inferior meat" or "something inferior."