The Cave of Souls is the place where the souls of good wolves go to after they have died, but they will only go if they had a good and pure-hearted soul. Other animals can come, because there are no borders in the heavens, thus linking all animal heavens together as one.

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Further Information

The Cave of Souls is what the dire wolves think of as their Heaven and safe haven of their spirits. It is described as being in the stars, and having a ladder that must be climbed to get there. There's a spirit to help them up, such as Skaarsgard. The hellish equivalent is called the Dim World.

Known Members


Fengo is a star wolf.

Other Heavens and Hells

Cave o souls

The cave of souls is wolf heaven.

Other possible wolves, but debatable

  • Heep MacDuncan (highly unlikely)
  • Liam MacDuncan (most likely, but questionable due to his bad treachery)
  • The outclanners who died on the Ice Bridge (we don't really know their personalities)
  • Banja (she was known as a mean wolf at the watch; she was changed after birthing Maudie)
  • More wolves!

Wolves that might go to Cave of Souls

  • Faolan MacDuncan (formerly Fengo)
  • Edme MacHeath (formerly Stormfast)
  • Rags (A clan wolf after he betrayed Heep)
  • Mharlie MacNamara (Faolan's sister)
  • Dearlea MacNamara (Faolan's sister)
  • Calia MacDuncan (formerly heep's mate)
  • Abban (Heep's son;appears to be a gyre soul)
  • The "Whistler" MacDuncan (Foalan's best friend [he appears to be; proof in Shadow wolf, Frost Wolf, Star Wolf] appears to be a gyre soul))
  • More wolves!