Cody MacHeath
Cody may have had a creamy pelt like his mother.

General Info

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown


Gyllbane (Namara) - Mother


Fur: Cream (possibly) Eyes: Green Deformity: No tail or paw pads


Clan: MacHeath


The Outcast, The Golden Tree, The War of the Ember

Current and Previous Status

Current: Deceased, in the Cave of Souls Past: MacHeath, Malcadh (made), Gnaw Wolf


Deceased; killed by the Pure Ones and vyrrwolves




Had his paw pads and tail cut off, making walking difficult, malcadh made, not born.

Cody MacHeath was a male Dire wolf (Canis dirus) pup maimed by Dunleavy MacHeath, the former chieftain of the MacHeath Clan, with the intention of placing him in the Sacred Watch, that guarded the Ember of Hoole in the Beyond.

He played a role in the Guardians of Ga'Hoole series as the son of Gyllbane.


Cody was maimed by Dunleavy. His paw pads were cut off, and his tail was bitten off. He most likely had green eyes, like the true wolves of the Beyond. Like Edme, he was not a true gnaw wolf, being a maimed pup (All Malcadh wolves from the MacHeath clan were made not born). Cody had either a black or brown nose.


Gyllbane- Birth Mother

Unnamed male - Father

In Guardians of Ga'Hoole

Before the Books

Gyllbane gave birth to Cody and he was chosen to be maimed as a pup, like Edme, to someday be in the running to be a wolf of the Sacred Watch. Gyllbane pleaded to stay in the clan and was only allowed due to her outflanker abilities.

The Outcast

Coryn is shocked when he sees Cody for the first time. Dunleavy calls him a fine gnawer, but Cody's skills are clumsy and unusual unlike any other gnaw wolf. Gyllbane knows that Cody doesn't know that she is his mother, and is heart broken. She tells Coryn about Cody, of how the MacHeaths maim pups in an attempt to get them into the sacred watch.

The Golden Tree

Cody escaped from being slaughtered by Dunleavy MacHeath and his new mate, Brydglla, after their transformation into vyrrwolves. His reason was that a maimed pup was worthless to them. When the owls and wolves conspire to attack the MacHeaths, who had allied themselves with Nyra, Cody is the one designated to steal the Book of Kreeth, a book of spells written by an ancient hagsfiend, for the purpose of eliminating the possibility of Nyra wielding nachtmagen against them. Cody, however, was killed in the battle by a slash to the 



neck, but he succeeded in securing the book.

His mother, Gyllbane, was heart-broken when she saw her son lying on top of the book, but she found joy in the fact that she witnessed his spirit travel up the Star Ladder, and arrive at the Cave of Souls.

The War of the Ember

Cody is mentioned but not seen. He is mentioned only as the son of Gyllbane (Now known as 'Namara'), and his blood still stains the Book of Kreeth, which is hidden in Otulissa's cupboard.