Colleen is an earless silver Dire she-wolf.

General Info

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown


None Known


Fur: Silver

Eyes: Green

Deformity: No ears




Shadow Wolf, Watch Wolf, Frost Wolf, Spirit Wolf

Current and Previous Status

Current: Deceased, possibly in the Cave of Souls

Past: Malcadh, Gnaw Wolf, Watch Wolf


Deceased; head crushed by boulder




No ears

"The spirit of the order will be maintained. It is the spirit that keeps the laws and codes of the Beyond alive."

-Colleen to Banja; Frost Wolf, page 19-20

Colleen was an earless silver female dire wolf. She used to be a wolf of the Watch.

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Colleen was a silver, earless female dire wolf. She almost certainly had green eyes, like most of the true wolves of the Beyond, and a black or brown nose. She had the same deformity as Tearlach.


None known.

She Might've Looked Like This Had She Survived The Earthquake.


Shadow Wolf

Colleen was at the gaddergnaw in the march with the other wolves of the Watch.

Watch Wolf

Colleen is briefly mentioned to be by Finbar's side when Faolan and Edme first go to the Watch. She is also mentioned to become, quoted, "extremely cranky if she has to work even a second over her shift" by Winks.

Frost Wolf

Edme and Faolan get back from scouting in Shadow Forest. Before they can rest, Banja comes and tells them to get on shift, as to many of the cairns were left "untopped". Colleen is passing by, and tells her that the two must rest, as they were on scout for a while. She and Banja begin to argue over them and the laws and orders of the Beyond.

Spirit Wolf

In Spirit Wolf, Colleen dies from the earthquake, her skull was crushed in by a boulder. However, because the ember was destroyed, she was mended, giving her ears along with the other watch wolves.


Colleen: "Banja, don't be ridiculous. For Lupus' sakes, these two have been on scout for four days. They need to rest, but even before they rest, the Fengo would like to see them in the gadderheal."

Banja: "What? They are being called to the gadderheal? But the raghnaid is about to meet. I was on my way there."

Colleen: "As I am myself."

Banja: "But young wolves never attend raghnaid meetings. It's an offense."

Colleen: "An offense to what?"

Banja: "An offense to ... to ... to the order."

-- Banja and Collen; Frost Wolf; page 19


Colleen was killed the same way Twistling, and Malachy were, by a rock crushing her skull during the earthquake.


  • "Colleen" is a variant on the Irish word "cailín" (pronounced "caill-een") meaning "girl".