Dunleavy MacHeath I
Silver Wolf by bejeweledhope
Dunleavy MacHeath may have been a silver male Dire wolf.

General Info

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown


Namara MacNamara - Former Mate

Ragwyn - Former Mate

Dagmar - Former Mate

Sinfagel - Former Mate

Blackmore - Son

Unnamed pups - children


Fur: Silver

Eye: Green


Clan: MacHeath



Current and Previous Status

Current: Deceased, possibly in the Dim World.

Past: Chieftain





This page is for the chieftain of the Hoolian legends. If you are looking for the more recent chieftain see Dunleavy MacHeath.

Dunleavy the First (not to be confused with Dunleavy MacHeath) was the first MacHeath chieftain of the MacHeath clan. He was the former mate of Hordweard, the first Namara.


Hordweard/Namara - mate (formerly)

Many unnamed pups -Sons and Daughters

Blackmore -Son

Ragwyn - mate (formerly)

Dagmar - mate (formerly)

Sinfagel - mate (formerly)


It is unknown what his pelt color was, but he had one green eye like the true wolves of the Beyond. Fengo tore out one of his eyes when Dunleavy picked a fight. He had either a black or brown nose.


Dunleavy, like most of the MacHeath wolves, was vicious and brutal. It is seen that he is very intimidating also. He had gotten angry at Namara, and chewed her ears off, leaving just stumps. Though Hordweard was his mate, she didn't like his nasty ruling powers. It is very possible that MacHeath wolves were so brutal because of his reign.

Red wolf (edme)

Hordweard the Namara was his mate.


  • Many people mistake him for the more recent Dunleavy.
  • Dunleavy MacHeath, the second-to-last cheiftain of the MacHeath clan, was named after him.
  • He was the first MacHeath chieftain of the Beyond .


When Dunleavy realizes that Hoole is a prince, he runs to tell Lord Arrin. When he came back from the journey Hordweard, renaming herself Namara, has been waiting and kills Dunleavy out of revenge. As he was dying, he looked at his former mate for lochinvrr, but Hordweard/Namara refuses and kills Dunleavy. She then founds the MacNamara clan.