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Hamish, the 501st Fengo.

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Fengo's are wolves of the Watch that have one of the highest-ranks in the entire social structure of the wolves of the Beyond.


Fengos are the highest-ranking wolves in the Watch and the Beyond. They have to be malcadhs because they are part of the watch. They often have a bit of control over clans.


The first Fengo's name was Fengo. Fengo led the wolves to the Beyond during the time of the Long Cold on the Ice March. Once they all settled there, Fengo taught Grank how to become a collier and established the Watch when Hoole told him to protect the Ember of Hoole. The rank "Fengo" was named after Fengo himself. Fengo was the first of Faolan's gyer souls.

The Watch

The Fengo is the highest-ranking wolf currently serving at the Watch. The Fengos are wise and have the title of the "Supreme Sayer" and can call things crait, the wolf word for forbidden or guilty. The Fengo holds gaddergnaws, tells gnaw wolves where to go on their Slaan Leat, and mostly guards the the Ember of Hoole from

The first Fengo.


Known Fengos


  • "Fengo" means "someone exceptional at everything and whom possesses god-like qualities"