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Finbar was black male wolf.

General Info

Species: Dire Wolf (Canis dirus)

Gender: Male


None known


Fur: Brown

Eyes: Green

Deformity: Flipped/twisted paw


Clan: Unknown; almost certainly MacDuncan Clan.

Pack: Unknown


Shadow Wolf, Watch Wolf, Frost Wolf, Spirit Wolf

Current and Previous Status

Current: Deceased; very likely Star Wolf

Past: Malcadh, gnaw wolf, Watch wolf, Fengo


Deceased; killed in earthquake


Control over the Beyond (Fengo)


Twisted paw

“You must learn to think like a wolf of the Watch.”
— Finbar to Faolan and Edme; page 72 in Watch Wolf

Finbar was a rather large brown male dire wolf (Canis dirus). He was the 502nd Fengo of the Sacred Watch after Hamish, the 501st Fengo of the watch. He was the last Fengo ever to serve the Watch, and was killed in the earthquake that destroyed the ring, and shattered the Beyond.

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Finbar was a large and strong male Dire wolf, with shining green eyes and a brown pelt. One of his back paws was 


Finbar howling

flipped, much like Twistling. He had a beard and his nose was either brown or black, but likely black.


None known


Shadow Wolf

Finbar, along with other Watch wolves, appears at the gaddergnaw. He also comes to greet the gnaw wolves and tells the gnaw wolves about Hamish's story bone after Edme asks him for an example of a very well gnawed story bone.

Watch Wolf

In the prologue, it is mentioned that Finbar had told Edme and Faolan where their tummfraws were.

At the end of Watch Wolf, he declares the MacHeath clan crait, guilty, for maiming Edme when she was a pup. He then bans the savage clan to the Outermost.

Frost Wolf

In Frost Wolf, Finbar asks Faolan and Edme to go and see how the Blood Watch is doing. He is later the one to hold the trial for Liam MacDuncan.

Spirit Wolf

After the earthquake that shook the entire Beyond, Myrr looks for any survivors at the Ring (and hoping if there is one wolf, it shall be Edme). He notices that every Watch wolf is dead, including Finbar.

Later, when Faolan and the others return to the destroyed Ring, the survivors perform the ritual for a deceased Fengo, and that his spirit attend the Cave of Souls, and place his bones on the cairn of Fengos.


Finbar died the day of the earthquake in Spirit Wolf, Along with the other Wolves of the Watch guarding the Ring of Sacred Volcanoes but it unknown exactly how. Faolan carries his bones to the Carin of the Fengos, which was, strangely not destroyed.


Finbar was a Fengo, and believed in justice. He was very serious, and did not approve of quarrels.


  • His name, Finbar, is Irish, meaning 'fair-haired'. It can also be spelt "Finbarr" "Finbarre" or "Finnbar" and is derived from "Fionnbharr", "Fionn" meaning "fair" and also the name of the legendary Fionn McCumhaill, and "bharr" meaning top.