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A gaddergnaw is when Gnaw Wolves from different Clans compete to become part of the Watch.

A gaddergnaw is a competion that can happen at any time as long as more watch wolves are needed. During these competitions the best gnaw wolf is choosen to serve in the Sacred Watch and guard the Ember of Hoole. One wolf will usually be selected, but on the rare occasion two gnaw wolves tie for first, then both are selected. However, it is never two wolves from the same clan.

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When the wolf Fengo led the wolves to the The Beyond over a thousand years ago, traditions and laws were created. The law of malcadhs and the gaddergnaw was possibly a law created.

At first, only wolves from the MacDuncan clan were able to be selected, beacause the task was given to them by Hoole, the first king of Ga'Hoole. However, the famous Fengo, Hamish MacDuncan, changed the law that any wolf may be selected, and if two, from different clans. Even MacHeath wolves were allowed.


There are several events that happen in a gaddergnaw. At the beginning of
Wolf 3

Gnaw wolves are required to gnaw on bones for the competition.

the gaddergnaw, all packs and clans come to see the events, even if they don't have a gnaw wolf in the competition. There are howling by skreeleens, and debates on the finer points of the games. Gnaw wolves are treated with respect from other higher ranking wolves, participate in an actual byrrgis where they aren't the sweeper, and gnaw stories and pictures on bones. They can also meet other wolves from the Watch and the Fengo.

Shadow Wolf

In Shadow Wolf, another gaddergnaw was held, and six wolves attended this time: Heep, Faolan, Edme, Creakle, Tearlach, and the "Whister". They gnawed their own stories and were actually treated with respect. They even attended a byrrgis and were scored. In the end, Faolan and Edme were selected for the Watch.


  • Gadder could come from the Irish word "gadhar" meaning hound or dog.