Galana MacNamara
White wolf 3

General Info

Species: Dire Wolf

Gender: Female


None Known


Fur- Storm-cloud gray

Eyes- Green


Watch Wolf, Spirit Wolf

Current and Previous Status

Current: Deceased; possibly in the Cave of Souls

Past: Chieftain of the MacNamara clan


Deceased; heart pierced by a rock



"Let me speak to you about fear. It is merely the other end of the bone of courage. One can not exist without the other. Courage, as an ancient warrior once said, is fear holding on just a bit longer."
— A part of Galana's speech to her troops before battle; Page 200 in Watch Wolf

Galana MacNamara was the she-wolf chieftain of the MacNamara clan. Galana was one of the most powerful wolves in the time of the Wolves of the Beyond series, before her death.

She led the MacNamara fighting forces in the battle between the Watch wolves and bears (which was stopped by Faolan and Edme). In Spirit Wolf, she served at the Blood Watch.

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Galana's pelt color is described in Watch Wolf as the color of storm clouds, yet she carried a noble bearing. She had the green eyes of the wolves of the Beyond. She also may have had many battle scars. Galana had a black or brown nose.


None known


Watch Wolf

Galana MacNamara led a group of MacNamara she-wolves to fight in the war that may have started, thanks to Dunbar MacHeath. However, the war is stopped when Faolan and Edme rescue Toby, a grizzly cub who was cubnapped for Dunbar's purposes of starting a war between the Watch wolves and grizzlies.

When Finbar the Fengo announces the MacHeath clan as outclanners and exiles, he gives Galana permission for her and her clan to chase the MacHeaths to the Outermost.

Spirit Wolf

Galana was killed when a rock pierced her heart. Her death caused the fight in which Airmead was injured by Heep, and Brygeen and Alastrine were killed. Outclanners also tore at her flesh, and tried to lap up her blood, and eat her heart believing it would give them strength. She and some of her clan later appear to Airmead and Katria as lochin.