Grizz was a very old male grizzly. He is
Grizzly Bear

Grizz is a very old male Grizzly Bear.

called the "Bear of Bears" by the wolves of the Beyond. He is seen in Watch Wolf, and was saved by Katria when Dunbar MacHeath and his slink melf made an attempt to end his life so that a war between the watch wolves and bears would begin.


Grizz is a very old male Grizzly Bear with a brownish coat, tipped with gray due to his old age. His eyes are a golden-brown. He is also blind in one of his eyes, and nearly blind in the other.


Bronka- Granddaughter

Toby- Great-Grandson

Burney - Great-Grandson


Watch Wolf

In Watch Wolf, Grizz is the bear who is leading the grizzly army against the wolves because he believes they took his great-grandson Toby.

Later on, when Toby is found, a MacHeath slink melf tries to kill Grizz instead to start the war, but do not succeed.


Grizz's personality does not show much in the book, but he is very thankful to Katria for saving his life. He is noted to be very wise.


  • Although his death was never revealed, Grizz, being very old, may have died in the months after the war. Famine, false hibernation, hunger, old age and/or the earthquake may have also killed him.