Wolf 2312

Faolan is a gyre soul.

Gyre souls are souls of beings who die, then are reincarnated again as different animals in the next time period.

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A gyre soul is an animal that lives again or has past lives. The sign of a gyre soul is a spiral mark, like the one on Faolan's paw.
Faolan's Spiral

A spiral is the mark of a gyre soul.


Before the Books

Fionula, and Eo were reincarnations of Fengo, they wrote on the Cave Before Time. Fengo recorded wolf-related events such as byrrgises, wolves at the Watch, and gaddergnaws. Eo inscribed about the events of his gyre soul (such as when he snapped an Outclanner's neck as Faolan), and Finoula inscribed about an owl's life.

Shadow Wolf

In Shadow Wolf, the Sark suspects that Faolan is a gyre soul. She whispers her suspicions into a memory jug.

Spirit Wolf

In Spirit Wolf, Faolan discovered that he is a gyre soul. He meets all three of his gyre souls, Eo, Fionula, and the first Fengo and help Faolan lead the wolves to the Distant Blue.

Star Wolf

Edme figured out that she was the reincarnation of Stormfast when she used her inner eye to read the bone and the old wolf in the text. Also Faolan used his memory of his gyre souls to lead the Wolves of the Beyond to the Distant Blue.

Snowy owl

Fionula was a gyre soul.


  • Gyre souls may have helped Fengo lead the wolves into the Beyond.

Known Gyre souls

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