Wolf in snow

General Info

Species: Dire Wolf

Gender: Male


Morag - Former mate

Unknown female - Mate (Possibly)

Faolan - Birth Son

Edme - Daughter-in-law

Mhairie - Birth Daughter

Dearlea - Birth Daughter

Brecco - Step son

Unnamed pups - Step sons

Myrrglosch - Adoptive Grandson

Maudie - Adoptive Granddaughter


Fur: Tawny

Eyes: Green


Clan: MacDuncan (formerly)

Pack: Unknown (formerly)


Lone Wolf (mentioned)

Current and Previous Status:

Current: Unknown

Past: Living, MacDuncan wolf, Lone wolf





Kinnaird MacDuncan was a tawny male Dire Wolf, the former mate of Morag, and the father of Faolan, Mhairie, Dearlea, and other pups. He, along with Morag, were cast out of the clan because of Faolan's birth.

It is unknown if he is still alive, will ever appear, or what clan he joined.

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Kinnaird is a tawny male dire wolf. He most likely has green eyes, like the true wolves of the Beyond. Kinnaird had a black or brown nose.


Morag- Former Mate

Faolan- Birth Son

Mhairie- Birth Daughter

Dearlea- Birth Daughter

Brecco- Step Son

Unnamed two pups- Brecco's siblings; Step Children

Edme- Daughter in Law

Maudie- Adoptive Granddaughter

Myrrglosch- Adoptive Grandson


Before the Books

Kinnaird was the mate of Morag and the father of her first three litters. They happily lived in the MacDuncan Clan before their fourth litter was born and they were exiled from the MacDuncan Clan.

Lone Wolf

Morag, Kinnaird's mate, went by-lang with her third litter of pups. Morag gave

Kinnaird had tawny fur, which he passed on to his daughters Mhairie and Dearlea.

birth to three pups, a silver male and two tawny females, who looked like him. Later, Shibaan discovered Morag and her pups, and, as it was her duty, took the silver pup, a malcadh because of his splayed paw, and abandoned it on an icy riverbank.

They returned to the clan, the announcement of the malcadh was made and Morag and Kinnaird were cast out.

Near the very end of the book, after Faolan jumps over the wall of fire, Duncan MacDuncan explains he is the splayed-pawed malcadh, son of Morag and Kinnaird. He most likely died in Frost Wolf, due to famine or the Skaars dancing, or in Spirit Wolf, due to the earthquake.


  • Kinnaird is Irish for 'steep slope.' It is really spelled Kinnard.
  • It is also a Scottish name, associated with the name of an area in Scotland. It could come from the Gaelic words "Ceann Ard" meaning "high head" (Ard - tall, high, Ceann - head)