Lael MacDuncan
Shadow Wolf Part 2

General Info

Species: Dire Wolf

Gender: Female


None Known


Fur: White

Eyes: Green


Clan: MacDuncan Clan

Pack: Carreg Gaer


Shadow Wolf

Current and Previous Status

Current: Obea

Past: Unknown





Lael MacDuncan is the current Obea of the MacDuncan clan. She is sterile; meaning she is unable to have pups, and became the new Obea of the MacDuncan clan after Shibaan dies in an earthquake in Lone Wolf.


Lael is a skinny white, pale-furred, she-wolf with dim, lightless, green eyes, and a black nose. She is barren and sterile, unable to have pups which makes her able to be the Obea.


None known


Shadow Wolf

When Faolan is visiting the Carreg Gaer of the MacDuncan clan, he sees Lael pass by him. As she passes by, she is looking at Faolan, causing him to feel quite uncomfortable. Though it is mentioned to happen after Lord Bhreac comments about a she-wolf being late in her pregnancy.

Later, Faolan sees her with a tawny she-pup in her mouth. Although the pup has no physical deformities, it is a malcadh because she was born early. Lael settles the pup on an old moose trail, and it begins squirming and whining.

Faolan is depressed at the sight, and howls a prayer to Lupus that snow will come and cover the pup, leaving her unseen by owls and cougars so she could die a peaceful death.
White wolf 12

Lael MacDuncan.

Lael isn't seen after this so her fate remains unknown.


-Lael is Hebrew for 'Belonging to God'