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A Lord is what a pack leader or higher-ranking wolf of a pack of the wolves of the Beyond is called. They are the highest-ranking wolves in a pack. In the Great Chain, Chieftains are above them and skreeleens are below them. Chieftains are the lords of the Carreg Gaer. In real life, lords are the equivalent to the alpha male of a wolf pack.


The history of lords is unknown, but they probably started out after Fengo led the wolves to the Beyond and the clans were all created. Higher-ranking wolves, big and strong, were probably selected as an responsible leader, or some of the most dominant, strongest fought to get this rank. Lords are seen in Frost Wolf and Shadow Wolf.

Practices and Traditions

Not much is known about Lords. It is unknown how they are chosen. There are many possible ways. The strong and most responsible wolves would probably fight, or the Lord's assistant (if they have one) could take over when the leader retires or dies. Also, their pups could become the new leaders, or the lord says his successor before he dies/retires.

Some lords may have fought tooth and claw to be lord.

Known Lords