Lupus (sometimes known as "Great Lupus", "Great Wolf", or "Great Star Wolf") is the Great Wolf constellation that all wolves believe that he leads the mists (souls) of dead wolves into the Cave of Souls. The wolves will sometimes send him short prayers or ask him to lead a certain wolf to the Cave of Souls.
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The wolves see him as a god figure, for the wolves of the beyond. Lupus is the first link in the Great Chain.


Lupus is the first wolf ever according to the wolves' legend, as to the bears the first bear, being Ursus, and to the owls the first owl, being Glaux.


Lupus represents the wolf in the sky, and is often called the Great Wolf. Lupus is represented by a group of stars in the night sky, that each animal race has a different name for.

Cave of Souls

It is said that Lupus is the one who manages who can enter the Cave of Souls through the Star Ladder, or according to legend, can even make some live again.

Other God Figures

  • Ursus - the Great Bear (polar bears)
  • Glaux - the Great Owl
  • Lapin - the Big Rabbit
  • Ursa - the Great Bear


  • The Gods are named after the spiecies scientific names. For example Grey Wolves are, Canis Lupus, so their idol is Lupus, but these wolves are Dire Wolves, Canis Dirus, so this seems to be incorrect. Another example would be Ursa, the bear god. The scientific name being Ursus arctos horribilis.