"Where's my mummy, auntie Edme?"
— Maudie to Edme after Banja is killed, in Star Wolf

General Info

Species: Dire Wolf

Gender: Female


Banja - Mother

Unknown Red Male wolf - Father

Edme - Adoptive Mother

Faolan - Adoptive Father

Myrrglosch - Adoptive Brother

Kinnaird - Adoptive Grandfather

Morag - Adoptive Grandmother

Akira - Adoptive Grandmother

Unknown Wolf - Adoptive Grandfather

Mhairie - Adoptive Aunt

Dearlea - Adoptive Aunt


Fur: Golden

Eyes: Green


Spirit Wolf, Star Wolf

Current and Previous Status

Current: Alive


Maudie (A.k.a "Maud") is a non-deformed female Dire wolf pup. She was born to Banja of the Watch wolves, and an unknown male. She was born in the book Spirit Wolf,  and currently living with the other earthquake survivors in the Distant Blue.

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Maudie is a non-deformed, female golden dire wolf pup, born of Banja of the Watch Wolves. She is a young and small pup, three moons of age at the most. She is kind, friendly, and a quick-learner.


Banja- Birth Mother

Maudie with her mother, Banja.

Unknown red wolf- Father

Edme- Adoptive Mother

Faolan- Adoptive Father

Myrrglosch- Adoptive Brother

Mhairie- Adoptive Aunt

Dearlea- Adoptive Aunt

Akira- Adoptive Grandmother

Kinnaird- Adoptive Grandfather

Unknown Wolf (Akira's mate)- Adoptive Grandfather

Morag- Adoptive Grandmother


Spirit Wolf

Maudie was found by Gwynneth when she saw Banja suckling her at Gwynneth's forge, while looking for the Sark. Later, Banja and Maudie joined Faolan and the other travelers on the journey to The Distant Blue.

Star Wolf

Maudie is travelling with her mother and the other travelers to the Distant Blue. When Banja is killed, she calls Edme 'Auntie' and asks her where her mother is. When they tell her Banja's dead she gets upset and angry, but Edme and Gwynneth promise to look after her. She is sad when Bells dies, but howls happily when she sees Banja and Bells going up the star ladder, weeping amber wilig tears.

Maudie is a golden-coated little pup.


  • Although her father's name is unknown, Star Wolf implies that he had a red pelt.
  • She was mentioned to have a red pelt instead of golden in Star Wolf.
  • Her nickname, Maud, is Irish for 'mighty battle maiden.'