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Morb, one of the few named Outclanners.

Morb was a male outclanner wolf with mangy russet fur and one eye with no clan name. He was seen in Lone Wolf, and shows up for about one and a half chapters. He lives in the Outermost, like most outclanners he has no code, and is known to take part in cannibalism.

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One Eyed Wolf by Rabastan

Morb before mauling but missing a eye


Morb is a small battle scarred male outclanner wolf with mangy, ragged, russet fur, and a missing eye. One side of his face was missing some fur and had claw marks running down it, which Faolan implies is a result of another wolf clawing out his eye.
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Morb, a red wolf. He might have looked like this before mauling.


None known


Lone Wolf

Morb is first seen and only mentioned in Lone Wolf. When Faolan kills a cougar, two wolves from the Outermost step out of a nearby bush, one being Morb and the other being a dark grayish one.

The two wolves want the meat of the cougar.  Faolan, much bigger, but younger, not even a year old
Sleeping Red Wolf

Morb lives in the Outermost.

yet, tosses a piece to the outclanners.

While they were in a fight over the meat, Faolan jumps on the the dark gray wolf, snapping his spine and killing him. Morb chose to eat the dead gray wolf instead of the cougar meat; almost as if he knew it was bait. He may have also preferred wolf, as he lived in the Outermost. So he hides in a bush and eats his companion. Faolan is horrified, and looks at the outclanner, and Morb is nervous that Faolan wants to take his meat. Morb eats the wolf Faolan killed, and swims across the river to remove the traces of blood and avoid suspicion from the other outclanners.  Then he attends a craw, which is a contest where a circle of outclanner wolves goad two animals to fight each other (in this case a cow moose against a musk ox).  He is not seen again in the series after this.