Namara MacNamara
Red wolf (edme)
Namara MacNamara is a golden Dire she-wolf with gnawed off ears.

General Info

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown


Dunleavy MacHeath - Former Mate

Unnamed Pups - Children

Namara MacHeath - Mother


Fur: Golden

Eyes: Green


Clan: MacHeath (formerly), MacNamara


Watch Wolf

Current and Previous Status

Current: Deceased, possibly in the Cave of Souls

Past: MacHeath, MacNamara




Very Wise

Namara MacNamara (formerly known as Hordweard MacHeath) was a female dire wolf, formerly a member of the MacHeath clan, and the former mate to the abusive Dunleavy MacHeath. She is most notable for being the founder of the MacNamara clan, taking upon the name of Namara MacNamara.


It is mentioned that the color Namara's pelt was golden when she killed Dunleavy and it was revealed in a Guardians of Ga'Hoole book that her ears were gnawed off by her ex-mate, Dunleavy MacHeath. She very likely had green eyes like all the wolves of the Beyond.


Dunleavy MacHeath- Former Mate

Unamed pups- Sons and daughters she had with Dunleavy.

Namara MacHeath - Birth Mother

Meaning of Name

It is said in Watch Wolf that in Old Wolf language, the name Namara means "Maker of Strong Spirits". Ever since she left it has been forbidden to say Hordweard in the MacHeath clan.

  • In Irish, "na mara" means "of the sea". This suits, as the Namara clan live near the The Sea of Hoolemere.

    Namara MacNamara's pelt is a golden color.


Before the Books

Hordweard MacHeath was the first mate of Dunleavy MacHeath, and the wisest. In one of his rages, Dunleavy chewed off her ears leaving just stumps. 

Watch Wolf

It is mentioned by Airmead, the MacHeath Obea, that her real name, Hordweard, is forbidden to say in the MacHeath clan.

Red wolf (Canis rufus)

Namara MacNamara.

Founding of the MacNamara clan

After re-naming herself Namara, she finds out her ex-mate, Dunleavy, was following her. She then kills Dunleavy on Broken Talon Point for revenge. After this she founds the MacNamara clan, which she names after her mother (and herself).

Horweard Society

In the present, there is a secret oraganization called the Hordweard Society in the MacHeath clan. These die out for generations and resurface again. The she-wolves of this society would bravely escape from the MacHeaths like the original Namara did to the MacNamara clan. Usually, only a few are able to survive.