Oona MacNamara
Black Wolf in Snow
Oona was a beautiful black wolf.

General Info

Species: Dire Wolf

Gender: Female


None known


Fur: Black

Eye: Green


Clan: MacNamara Clan

Pack: Carreg Gaer


Frost Wolf, Spirit Wolf

Current and Previous Status

Current: Blood Watch

Past: Pack Wolf






"This terrible thing-the Skaars dancing-is spreading. It's more deadly than famine, and only strong pack leadership can stop it."

Oona to Tamsen on page 157.

Oona MacNamara was a beautiful dire she-wolf, first mentioned in Frost Wolf. She argued with Tamsen, saying that she should go back to her pack. She later appeared in Spirit Wolf, and unfortunatly, Oona was killed during the earthquake that was caused by the H'rathgar Glacier.

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Oona was a strikingly beautiful midnight black dire she-wolf. She most likely had green eyes, like the true wolves of the Beyond. Oona had either a black or brown nose.


None known


Before the Books

Oona was a lieutenant in the MacNamara clan. She marched along with the MacNamara expeditionary force, and fought in the War of the Ember.

Frost Wolf

In Frost Wolf, Oona is first seen barely arriving at the Blood Watch from the MacNamara clan.

Spirit Wolf

Oona, who was heading to the MacNamara clan, is found dead by Gwynneth in one of the many crevasses now spread across the Beyond, and tells Faolan, his sisters and friends the news. The wolves were shocked that Oona had died beacuse she had survived the War of the Ember and the Watch Wolf rebellion.
Black Wolf in Snow


Oona died from being swallowed into the earth by a crevasse coming from the Blood Watch and heading back the MacNamara clan. She was then picked apart by scavengers.


  • Oona is an Irish name meaning "lamb".