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Paw Right

Paw Right is an action where two wolves settle their disagreements, make amends, etc. by taking three steps to each other and lightly press their paws together.


The history is unknown, but paw right was performed in Watch Wolf by Faolan and Banja .

How it's Done

Paw right is a traditional gesture to make amends, putting aside disagreements, or settling with one's enemy. Each wolf is required to take three steps toward his or her opponent, then lift one paw and touch the other's paw lightly. This is much like shaking hands.


Watch Wolf

Paw right was performed by Faolan and Banja in Watch Wolf. The Fengo of the Watch, Finbar, told Faolan and Edme to retrieve Toby, to stop the war. But Banja, says that Edme, being a MacHeath, may join them and leave Faolan to die. Faolan begins to argue with her and the Fengo says to make a paw right. Faolan lifts up his splayed paw, but Banja is afraid to touch it because of its spiral mark. Banja then gulps and touches it, after the Fengo threatened to have her dalach'd. She then stumbles backwards and remains still.


Banja was afraid to touch Faolan's paw because of its spiral mark. This is probably related to the event in Shadow Wolf when Heep was afraid to give Faolan the "Gnaw Bite"; because of the spiral print in the mud.

Paw right can also be related to hand shaking or high fives in the human world.