The Ring of Volcanoes is discribed as always erupting and spewing embers.

The Ring of Sacred Volcanoes (often called "The Ring " for short) was an area in the north-eastern part of the Beyond. It is a chain made of five volcanoes, in which the the Ember of Hoole travels around. This is also where the dire wolves of the Sacred Watch live, guarding the ember from graymalkins, owls who wish to use the ember for evil purposes. It was later destroyed in Spirit Wolf.


The Ring had a chain of five volcanoes: Dunmore, Morgan, Stormfast, Kiel, and H'rathghar, and as shown on the cover of Watch Wolf, the volcanoes are brownish-orangish rocky mountains with lava erupting.


The Ring was located in the north-eastern part of the Beyond. It is almost in the middle-eastern area of the country. North-West of the Ring is the long river that spilts the Beyond in two, which runs going down and the Crooked Back Ridge. North is the Black Glass Desert and MacDuncan territory and the long river. North-east is MacNamara territory and Th
3 Watch Wolf

The Ring of Sacred Volcanoes on the cover of Watch Wolf.

e Broken Talon Point.

South-west of the Ring is Gwynneth's forge, the Two Salt Lakes and the MacDuff territory. It is west of the place where Thunderheart found Faolan. South of them is the MacNab Territory and the Shadow Forest.



One of the five volcanoes of the Ring. It is highly possible it was named after Dunmore, the second Fengo of the Watch. It, along with Morgan, has a 'wolfish' sounding name, according to Edme and Faolan.


Another of the five volcanoes. It, along with Dunmore, is a 'wolfish' sounding name. This is the volcano where Edme does her first scanning jumps.


H'rathghar is one of the five volcanoes. 'H'rath' is prononced with a low growl at the back of the throat. The name of this volcano is an owlish-like name from the Northern Kingdoms.


Kiel is another one of the five volcanoes. It is 'the most boring watch'. It's a shield volcano, whose long, gently slopping lava flows yields the fewest retrievable coals, and therefore is the least visited by colliering owls. Kiel's name is an owlish-like name from the Northern Kingdoms.


Stormfast is the last of the five Sacred Volcanoes. In Watch Wolf, Edme jokes saying, "I've never met a wolf named Stormfast". It is likely named after the first Fengo's mate, Stormfast.