Skaars Dancers

A group of dancing Skaars Dancers.

Skaars Dancers were wolves who danced until the brink of death. They hoped to die so that Skaarsgard would come to the earth with the Star Ladder to take them up to the Cave of Souls. Once a wolf is in this trance, its chances of survival and snapping out of it are extremely slim.

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The Skaars Dancers were "hypnotized" and put into a trance by the wolf known as 'The Prophet'. Snow, bark and blood may smear their fur, and they dance until they pass out and die. It is very difficult to get them out of the trance.


Frost Wolf

Skaars Dancers are mentioned many times in Frost Wolf. It is called 'like a disease' because of how it spreads to others. Many of the dancing circles in the Beyond seem to take place in the south, in the MacDuff territory, and near the Blood Watch. It is mentioned that the Prophet is the one telling them to do this so that they can get to the Cave of Souls.

Spirit Wolf

In the Outermost, Heep was able to find and nurse two fallen Skaars Dancers back to health. The rescued wolves are forever grateful to him, and swear to obey him and stay in his "pack." Upon one of the wolves is a female, whom Heep takes in as a mate and names Aliac. Together they have a pup named Abban. One day, Aliac decides that she does not want to live with the outclanners, and leaves Heep, fleeing into the night with Abban. She finds Mharie and Dearlea, and regains her original name: Caila.


The Skaars Dancers were told by the Prophet that they should not eat. Whenever Faolan, or any other wolf or owl, tried to feed the skinny Skaars Dancers, they would eat only enough to stop dancing momentarily. They feel that by not eating, they are filling their spirits with "spirit food". They try

An outclanner trying to eat a fallen Skaars Dancer.

to feed the Prophet when he is around the circles. The Skaars Dancers are more often than not, oblivious to their surroundings.

Known Skaars Dancers