Tamsen MacDuncan
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Tamsen was a creamy colored she-wolf.

General Info

Species: Dire Wolf

Gender: Female


Mate - unnamed male

Offspring - Two unknown pups

Sister - Lachlana


Fur: Cream

Eyes: Possibly Green


Clan: MacDuncan Clan

Pack: Blue Rock


Frost Wolf

Current and Previous Status

Current: Unknown

Past: Pack Wolf, MacDuncan wolf, outflanker, captain of the Blood Watch







Tamsen MacDuncan was a creamy-colored Dire she-wolf, formerly an outflanker, of the Pack of the Blue Rock, of the MacDuncan clan. She used to be the captain of the Blood Watch.

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Tamsen was a powerful, creamy-hued dire she-wolf. She very likely had green eyes, like the other wolves of the Beyond. Tamsen had either a black or brown nose.


Unknown male - Mate

Offspring - Two unknown pups

Lachlana - sister


Shadow Wolf

On his Trail of Shame, Faolan must travel to the five packs of the MacDuncan clan with the bone Heep had carved. At the Pack of the Blue Rock, he meets with Tamsen and Lachlana, the two outflankers of the pack. Faolan crawls towards them and when reaches the sisters' paws, the smaller sister picks up the bone, and gives Faolan's nose a bite. They give him a bone of an antler; the contrition bone he must carve. But first, the pack's leader, Dain, reads the bone.
Wolvesofthebeyond shadow wolf

Frost Wolf

Tamsen is now captain of the Blood Watch.

She is first mentioned to have given Faolan, Edme, the "Whistler", Mhairie, and Dearlea permission to try and break up the Skarrs dance circles, though she believes there is very little hope in succeeding.

In the gadderheal, Tamsen greets and thanks four lieutenants from the MacNamara clan, who tells Tamsen that she can go back to the Pack of the Blue Rock. Tamsen would wait until the additional MacNamara wolves arrived.

After Faolan, Edme, the Sark, and Gwynneth come back to the Blood Watch with Liam MacDuncan, she listens to how Liam (who was the Prophet) was behind all of the Skarrs dancing. She invokes the privilege of the Sayer and says that Liam must be taken to as many dancing circles as possible between the Blood Watch and the Ring of Sacred Volcanoes and be unmasked.

Near the end of the book, she appoints the "Whistler" second skreeleen. When she presses the Whistler he replies that the strange, bobbing lights have no story to them, she respects that.  


  • Tamsen is a variant of Tamsin, which is the shortened version of Thomasina, the female version of Thomas.