"Does the wall breathe or is it merely rock? Do I dream or do I wake?"
Spiret wolf Part 3

-Faolan when he steps into the Cave Before Time; Lone Wolf, page 113

The Cave Before Time is a cave with many paintings on its walls. Faolan finds this cave "visiting" the Outermost looking for Thunderheart, through in vain. The paintings show the times of the Long Cold, Of Fengo leading the wolves to the Beyond, and the odd spiral marking on Faolan's paw.

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The Cave Before Time is a deep cave with different paintings on the wall, such as the same spiral markings on Faolan's paw, a byrrgis hunting formation, and the Ring of Sacred Volcanoes, with owls diving for embers.

20,000 Year Old Cave Paintings- Hyena

Most of the paintings are of animals


Before the Books

Before the books, Eo, Finoula, and the first Fengo recorded their sightings and some of the Beyond's history in the Cave Before Time.

Lone Wolf

In Lone Wolf, after returning to the Beyond from the Outermost, Faolan discovers the Cave Before Time. He was extremely interested in all of it.

Frost Wolf

In Frost Wolf, Faolan, Mhairie, Dearlea, the "Whistler", and Edme take shelter in the cave after seeing a Skaars circle. Faolan has a dream where he records the sighting of the Skaars circle.

Spirit Wolf

In Spirit Wolf, the "Whistler" is in the Cave Before Time during the earthquake. This may be the only reason he survived.


The Cave Before Time is described of as beautiful by Faolan, though Edme found it strange.

Afterwards, Katria and Airmead rest in the cave after the battle where Airmead was injured they were found by Faolan, Edme, Mhairie, Dearlea, the "Whistler", Myrr, Banja, Maudie, Toby, Burney , and Gwynneth on their journey to the Distant Blue. That night, Faolan discovers his third gyre soul, Fengo and the beautiful bone of a twisted femur.

Later, Heep led his rout to the cave following Faolan and his group to the Distant Blue, inferring that if any wolf could find a better Beyond, it was Faolan. Caila came to her senses there. She turned on Heep and ran out of the cave with Abban.