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Trader Luce


Luce is a magpie.

Trader Luce (Sometimes known as "Luce" alone) is a magpie, rarely seen in the Beyond. She travels with her assistant, Dotty, another magpie, who carry around a bundle of wares and merchandise. Luce is a character who is only mentioned briefly in Watch Wolf.


Luce is a magpie with black and white feathers.


Trader Mags- Aunt


Watch Wolf

When the She-winds head in, Luce arrives in the Beyond. She comes with her assistant, Dotty, who is also another magpie.

Faolan asks what the "things" she carries are. He gasps, trying to find a word to describe them. Gwynneth says they belonged to the Others, and takes him to meet Luce and see her 'merchandise'. Gwynneth introduces Faolan and Edme to Luce, as the the new Watch wolves. She is pleased to meet them and tries to interest them in her items. She shows Edme a false eye, saying that she'll give it to her for a gnawed bone, a little mouse's tibia. Gwynneth then tells her that it's forbidden for Watch wolves to trade bones and Luce asks if it's a new policy, but Gwynneth tells her that its been around from time immemorial.



  • Her assistant is another magpie, named Dotty.
  • She tried to trade something for a gnaw bone, which is strictly prohibited by all Watch wolves.

"Oh, nothing grand, like a femur, just a tibia, a mouse's tibia perhaps."

--Trader Luce, referring to the gnawed Watch wolf bones.
Trader luce

Luce Is A Magpie