Tully is a Snowy owl.

"Glaux, what am I looking at?"
— Tully watching Creakle run in Frost Wolf

Tully is a male snowy owl, or Bubo Scandiaca, from the Great Tree of Ga'Hoole, who comes to the Beyond to help the wolves in their time of famine and to find Gwynneth the rouge smith, the daughter of Gwyndor.


Tully is a male snowy owl, with a white body with black barring - and being a male snowy owl, the barring will be less and more spaced out than female, and will be on the tail, lower back, belly and possibly a few occasional specks on his chest. Like all snowy owls, he should also have a pure white face and yellow eyes.


None known.



Frost Wolf


Tully traveled with Creakle.

Tully is first seen by a Skaars circle. He was sent on a mission to the Beyond by the great tree to find out how the dire wolves are doing and to find Gwynneth. Tully tries to stop the wolves from dancing, but only gets two to eat the rodents he brought. The other wolves that were dancing died. He then meets Creakle, who gives him most of information he needed, but Creakle uses lots of exquisite vocabulary, leaving Tully thinking that Creakle had not been part of a conversation in a long time.

Tully then sets off to the Blood Watch with Creakle, while looking at Creakle's running performance leaves Tully thinking "Glaux, what am I looking at?", Tully later catches up with Faolan, Edme, Gwynneth, and the Sark of the Slough on the search for Gwyndor's, Gwynneth's father, helmet and visor. Tully tells Edme's instructions and tells the Guardians to hunt for mice and voles to feed the wolves of the Ring and the Blood Watch.
Snowy owl


Tully is known to be double-chawed at the Great Ga'Hoole Tree, showing that he has both skill and intelligence. Tully might be short-tempered, but the evidence is light. Tully is also a good and loyal friend to have as he proved in Frost Wolf.


-Tully is Irish for 'peaceful'